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Library and useful links

This page includes a list of books which we think you will find useful, links to other relevant websites and a list of articles for downloading.

Recommended Reading

Built to Last, Successful Habits of Visionary Companies by James C Collins & Jerry I Porras

The roots and stories of some of the most enduringly successful corporations in history.

Century 1996, IBSN 0 7126 7795 X

Good to Great by Jim Collins

Jim Collins asked the question, "Can a good company become a great company, and if so, how?" In Good to Great Collins, the author of Built to Last concludes that it is possible, but finds that there are no silver bullets to greatness.

Pricing on Purpose: Creating and Capturing Value by Ronald J. Baker

Pricing on Purpose explores the importance of pricing, one of the four Ps

(product, promotion, place, and price) of marketing, that is largely ignored in business literature. Pricing is the opportunity for a business to capture the value of what it provides to the customer, and deserves as much attention as promotion, product and place in the marketing strategy of any business.

Selling the Invisible by Harry Beckwith

Even if you think you are selling a product, your customers are probably buying a service. Thought provoking in easily digestible chunks.

Simply Brilliant, the competitive advantage of common sense by Fergus O’Connell

Which, as you know, is not that common

The Book of Yo! by Simon Woodroffe

Business philosophy & inspirations from one of Britain’s highest profile entrepreneurs

Competing for the Future by Gary Hamel and C.K. Prahalad

Winning in business today is not about being number one--it's about who "gets to the future first", write management consultants Gary Hamel and CK Prahalad. In Competing for the Future, they urge companies to create their own futures, envision new markets and reinvent themselves.

Make it your Business by Lucy Martin & Bella Mehta

Business start up guide written for women by women

The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber

An excellent guide to the growing pains of business.

How to be an Entrepreneur by Steve Parks

What separates the successful from those whose businesses never really take off.

The Luck Factor by Dr Richard Wiseman

Not strictly a business book but an incredible insight into how to change your luck for the better.

Touching the Void by Joe Simpson

Contains some of the most inspiring chapters ever written. With broken limbs and a dehydrated body, Joe Simpson is forced to make his way down a treacherous mountain, to his base camp. Simpson talks of a tiny voice in his mind, pushing him onward when everyone else had seemingly left him for dead. These chapters contain the very definition of digging deep and can be inspiring for anyone, whatever there day to day life contains.


Useful Links

There are many support organisations which we work closely with in helping entrepreneurs and growing businesses. Links to websites for some of these organisations are as follows :

Business Link London

Official government service, providing advice and information for new and small businesses

Croydon Enterprise

Boosting Enterprise and creating opportunities in Croydon

The Enterprise Zone

The Enterprise Zone can provide you with essential advice and skills for starting or running a business

Kingston University

Faculty of Business and Law

South London Business

South London Business is a business-led public / private partnership that promotes the economic development of South London

South London Partnership

The South London Partnership was created to promote the sub-region and ensure that south London’s views are represented nationally and within London

West Focus

WestFocus is a partnership between higher education,  community groups and small and medium sized businesses

The following is a list of the websites of the local councils in the London South area which is covered by the London Innovation Centre.


Kingston Upon Thames










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