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Associate Service Providers

Associate members for the London Innovation Centre are businesses who understand the challenges of growth and can provide tools and services to help you achieve it. All associate members have provided references for their work, which have been checked by London Innovation Centre. All offer some added value element to other members and may offer special rates. Note however that arrangements for services are contractual agreements between the provider and customer.

Services currently available are as follows :

Marketing & design services from Toothbone

Toothbone believe that customers are won through their imaginations. They have to believe your products and services are right for them before they'll buy. And although they're influenced by reputation, appearance, price and function, in the end their decisions are still emotionally based

That's why Toothbone focus on understanding the way your customers think - matching what you want to say, with what they want to hear. They specialise in grabbing their attention, creating a desire and ensuring it remains there until they buy and beyond. In short, helping you to sell more.

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