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PromotinG your Business ideas

Promotion as part of the marketing mix is often an effective and cheap way of getting noticed. Make sure, though, that the promotion is both appropriate for your product and that the execution is easy to understand.

There was, for a while, an innovative food store located in busy commuter railway stations that sold fresh, ready to cook meals with all the necessary ingredients for a meal for one or two all in the same bag. The idea was to provide a fresh alternative to take-away foods for busy people and the menu changed weekly. One busy morning rush hour found them giving away pieces of fresh fruit to suspicious commuters. Despite their best efforts, the promoters were finding it difficult to get people to take the fruit from them. When asked why they were giving free fruit, the promoter responded “Because it is fresh and lovely and good for you”. Now this was a nice answer but didn’t make the necessary connection that the company being promoted ALSO provided food that was fresh and lovely and good for you. A simple missed connection that meant the money was poorly spent.

At London Innovation Centre, we can help you generate promotional ideas that will work for your business. Our objective eye will provide insights into your entire business, helping to generate new ideas and fresh perspectives. We can also connect you to some of the best promotional agencies available to ensure that the execution will yield results.